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Our 10 Year Guarantee

The Roofing Industries most Comprehensive Warranty.

Your Total Peace of mind

We know you want top-quality peace of mind when it comes to having your roof replaced or repaired. Let's be honest; the roofing industries full of brief success companies competing on nothing more than the best price. Your roof deserves more, we offer specialized and experienced contractors to ensure we offer our customers all of the roofing options and inform them of their best roofing systems for their home.
That being said, we've got some of the best pricing structures in the industry, and we have the industry's leading – company-supplied – roofing warranty on both materials and labour, often extending beyond that of the manufacturer's warranty. 
Ten years is unprecedented coverage in our industry, and our warranty is designed for all your roofing needs. You should feel as confident in the quality and expertise of our work, the follow-up of our inspection specialists and our ability to correct even the most minor errors, whether the fault is ours or not. LPW Roofing promises to provide you with the best roofing warranty in the roofing industry. 
If that's not enough, we will also do something that no one in the roofing industry has ever done before. We include a Gutter Damage-free guarantee! Roofing can be hard on your home's gutters. Climbing up and down ladders is enough to crush the gutters around your roof, preventing your foundation from flooding. This is why we offer a guarantee that we will maintain the structural integrity of your eavestrough gutters.
We are not only going to back up our expert craftsmanship, but we're also going to ensure that everything is done correctly and carefully. We want you to know that you have guarantees backing up our work every step of the way. If you have any questions about our warranty or our guarantees give us a call and we'll work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations.