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Steep Slope Roofing.

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Steep Roofing.

Steep roofing is no easy task, and it is not a project we would recommend to anyone attempting a roof for the first time. Our expert team of steep roofing specialists has years of experience and we know precisely what it will take to get the project done right and in a timely fashion.
Steep roofing is complex, it requires rope and harness work not typically found in lower slope roofing projects. Our professional roofing contractors in Medicine Hat have fall protection training and insured employees. This means that you get an additional layer of protection and equipment to ensure the job will be done right. Combine that with our Canadian weather, wind, and dust storms. You’re asking for a combination of factors that can lead to dangerous roofing conditions.
We have a team of roofers who have spent many years working on steep slope roofs. Contact our roofing professionals today, and we will provide you with a free estimate and examination of your roof!

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What is Steep SlopeRoofing?

Steep-slope roofing is the method behind installing a new roofing system to a roof with a pitch greater than 9 1/2". A steep slope roof is where you will begin to notice that your footing is not as form as lower pitches, shingles begin sliding off the roof as they are being installed, and overall, everyone is just a little bit more nervous about being on top of the roof. Steep slope roofing frequently has some different material considerations to keep in mind. These can include Asphalt shingles, clay and tile shingles, and metal coverings and components.

What Makes our Steep Roofing Methods Different?

First and foremost, we have a team willing to take on the work. Many roofers avoid doing steep slope roofing as it does present some additional labour challenges they aren’t prepared to face. The second is that we have a team dedicated to the craft of steep slope roofing, specifically for getting the job done on time. These jobs can take twice as long to do from a standard pitch roof for even the most talented steep slope shinglers, which means that there’s going to be significantly higher labour charges involved. Make sure you’re getting an experienced team who knows how to do the job right, with the right tools, so that you can save on any time you may be losing going with someone else.

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Steep Roof Maintenance.

We typically see steep slope roofs on commercial buildings like large-scale condominium complexes, schools, or hospitals, and they are so used on homes. Many of these buildings will have shingles or steep slope materials.For the most part, steep slope roofs do not require as much maintenance as a single ply or flat roof commercial roofing system, but it's still important to take preventative measures. We recommend checking the sealant around flashings and plumbing stacks and ensuring the gutters are cleaned out. In our experience, we've found that unit owners call us when they've identified a problem instead of calling us beforehand to do routine checks. Once a problem is identified, we can diagnose it to find where the defect is. Our team of experts suggest having someone walk your steep slope roof and make sure there is not a problem at least once or twice a year. By having commercial steep slope roofing maintenance done once or twice a year in spring after the snow, and again in fall before the cold hits. This way you're able to avoid issues growing bigger which will save some money in repairs. One of the biggest problems we can identify during our routine maintenance checks is drainage. If something backs up from a drainage standpoint, water can get in, do drywall damage and possibly saturate the insulation, requiring it to be replaced. 
Hire our professional roofing contractors in Medicine Hat for preventative measures on your steep slope roof, you can avoid these costly repairs.