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Shingle Roofing Service Raymond.

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Shingle Roofing.

Our company has grown to be one of Raymond's most dominant players in shingling due to our subcontract work.
The difference between us and fast-shiners? We set the standard, we have built relationships with, and we have trained many shinglers here in town! We always look for cutting-edge techniques that make us better than others at what we do - when it comes to installing roofs.
With a team of 25 people, we offer professional installations, experienced inspections, and an unprecedented ten-year warranty backs them up! Let's get your new roof installed today!

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What is ShingleRoofing?

There are many different shingle roofing systems in the marketplace! What is our personal favourite? It's the asphalt shingle system! This shingling system will hold up in the fiercest winds, rated for 210km/ hour – our shingles come with dual-layer protection from the manufacturer's warranty on their products. We will back it up with our ten-year warranty!
Shingles are a commonly installed roofing material. We can show you the LPW difference and demonstrate what it takes to take your business to the next level in roofing today!

What Makes our Shingle Roofing Solution Different?

Over many years, we have grown to be one of the most experienced companies in Raymond, and we know how to put shingles on! We offer many different services for every type of project. And our staff has dealt with just about everything imaginable.
The only thing that can improve your roofing experience is hiring the best professional roofing contractors. We use a quality assurance checklist to ensure all their work will be done correctly. Our confidence shows with the incredible quality we offer.

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Shingle Roof Maintenance.

So, how do you maintain a roof? Well, the first step is to check on it as often as possible, especially after a heavy storm or high winds. You don’t have to climb up on a ladder to get a good look at your roof. Hire one of our roofing professionals to spot any potential issues. When inspecting your roof, a few things you should be looking for are missing: curling or cracked shingles, peeling flashing, or missing granules. Any of these signs of damage should be looked at as soon as possible, preferably by a roofing professional who can safely make the necessary repairs.Another sign that your roof needs maintenance are water stains inside your house. You should check your ceilings and attic just as regularly as your roof for water damage to get ahead of any severe problems. Some common signs of a leak are things like musty odours, water stains on your ceiling, spotting on your exterior walls and bulging patches on your interior walls. If you notice any of these signs, you should locate the leak and call a professional to patch the hole in your roof.

Cleaning out your gutters is also an essential part of maintaining your roof. Clogged gutters will make it easier for water to seep under the structure of your roof. This can create more than just a few water stains. We recommended that you clean them out twice a year, once in late spring and again in early fall. Tree branches can also be a problem for a few reasons, the main one being the risk of them potentially falling on your roof during severe storms. You should always be vigilant and cut off any large branches directly over your roof. Trimming branches will help reduce storm damage and prevent leaves from piling up on your roof, absorbing moisture and eventually rotting your roof. While doing your roof maintenance checklist, make sure you also check your chimney for cracks or missing mortar. Structural damage can cause bricks to fall out, damaging your roof. Following these steps can help ensure your roof stays in good condition year-round. 
We offer inspections from experienced professionals so that you don't have to worry about the seasonal inspections for your roof maintenance. LEave worrying about your asphalt shingle roof to LPW Roofing.