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Rubber Roofing in Scandia.

The Greenest, Permanent Roofing Solution on the Market today!

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Rubber Roofing in Scandia.

In the search for a better, more comprehensive, lasting roofing solution that could stand to the sometimes punishing weather that Scandia had offered we discovered the benefits of rubber roofing. The issue was that rubber roofing solutions at that time were some of the ugliest things our customers had ever seen!
This is why we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with the Euroshield team in bringing a roofing solution to the marketplace that was aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound, and offered a limited lifetime warranty. We are proud of our partnership with them as they have been able to provide us not only great products but also amazing customer service.
Euroshield offers a roofing solution so effective in the Canadian climate that we’ve been able to offer it to hundreds of our clients without a single complaint, and we love the care they take when it comes to helping our clients that use their product! Give us a call today, and we would love to show you some of the options that we offer to bring lifetime longevity to your roof today!


What is RubberRoofing?

Rubber roofing is a system that’s green, really green! What do we mean? It’s one of the most environmentally friendly roofing solutions in the marketplace today! We use Euroshield products for our rubber roofing because they began their journey many years ago with an objective – reducing the vast stockpile of tires that existed within landfills!
What they didn’t expect was just how durable the product would be. SBS, TPO, PVC and rubber roofs are durable for the lifetime of your roof, and designed to take a beating, unlike any other roofing product on the market!
When hail began rolling through areas that the product had been installed in, they realized that there was next to no damage on the roofs they had installed. Looking to develop a better roofing system with a Limited Lifetime warranty, Euroshield rubber roofing materials are our go-to roofing solution for all of your rubber roofing needs!

What Makes our Rubber Roofing Roofing Solution Different.

The first significant difference is the lower cost of maintenance to our roofing system. Over a fifty-year period, rubber roofing outperforms shingle roofing solutions when we consider the multiple replacements and the installation costs of shingle roofing systems.
Our rubber roofing systems are eco-friendly. Our rubber roofs materials are designed to help save our planet by taking millions of tires out of landfills each year. Eurosheild represents 53% of the crumb rubber post-consumer waste re-manufacturing in the Canadian marketplace. This number is growing every year, with customers like you taking advantage of innovative rubber roofing systems. 
Finally, it’s durable, and it’s the only roofing material we know of that has a hail impact warranty offered in the marketplace! The first 20 years offer a warranty with no limit in hail size, with additional warranty options for hail of 2″ or less! 


Rubber Roofing Maintenance.

Taking care of your rubber roof is the best prevention of future problems. Identifying a problem before it arises prevents costly repairs, and removing debris prolongs a rubber roof's lifespan while keeping the building aesthetically pleasing and enhancing curb appeal.

Your rubber roof should be inspected, cleaned and treated four times yearly. Rubber roof cleaners and treatments contain all the necessary anti-spore and lubrication chemicals—so dust, pollen and dirt are directly targeted. Areas near the gutters, corners, chimneys and windows may collect dirty water, moisture buildup and accumulate spores. Preventative roof inspections are essential to prevent costly damages.

Routine sweeping, washing and inspections are keys to rubber roof integrity and functionality. Where streaks, rips and tears are concerned, consistent check-ups reduce damage and increase the appearance, making a rubber rooftop an excellent investment for home and business owners alike.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Rubber Roofing.

Of course no good roofing system comes without a warranty! Which is why we partnered with the company that offers the industry leading standard in roofing warranties. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! Want to check it out? Click here and we’ll give you all the information you need to know about Euroshields Limited Lifetime warranty!