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Metal Roofing.

There is nothing like a metal roof that screams security. If you're tired of costly repairs due to your roof, then look no further than our metal roofing solutions for your home! Metal & steel roofing boasts some of the longest-lasting options in the Medicine Hat roofing industry. 
We offer a warranty of up to 40-years with our metal roofing solutions, and you are also going to notice positive benefits in a metal roof's impact on your utility bills. With a proper installation, the reflective properties of a metal roof are incredible, showing marked improvement in energy bills by up to 25% – especially during the long days of summer. 
The variety of metal roofing options available surpasses the many other roofing applications by far. We have over 100 different colours options from which you can choose. Metal roofing is the ultimate solution for your next roofing project if you're looking for a wide array of options! Beautiful, long-lasting, and highly durable – metal roofing is an all-around perfect solution for your new roof! Call us today and discover the options metal roofing has to offer!

Metal Roofing Medicine Hat
Standing Seam Metal Roof Medicine Hat

Standing SeamRoofing?

Commonly used in Industrial and Commercial Roofing installations, a standing seam metal is a roofing system with no visible or exposed roof fastening elements! 
With their high-performing and long-standing durability, the standing seam roofing system offers incredible longevity to even the most hostile Canadian weather conditions on earth! Standing weather-tight warranties back up seam roofing systems because of the reduced fastening elements involved in the roofing applications. Standing seam roofs require very little maintenance because of their invisible fastening system when compared to other roofing systems, even other metal roofing systems available on the market today.
The standing seam system also offers the best in class, a superior ventilation system that allows the roof to move freely with the expansion and contraction of the house. Our Snap Lock System reduces noise production overall in our roofing application from movement, hail, and wind because the metal can move freely with our clip system without compromising the roof's integrity. 
If you're looking for a metal roofing system, give us a call today and request a quote – we're more than happy to help!

Tough Rib Exposed Fastener.

Tough rib exposed fastener roofing systems are characterized by the roofing fastener being in plain sight. This is why they are so effective because you can see that your screws aren't breaking through anything, and they're not going into studs or joists if they breakthrough. The Tough Rib Exposed Fasteners system has a variety of uses- residential, structural, agricultural applications! It's an excellent choice for roofs heavy with snowfall during the winter months.
Tough Rib roofing systems are one of the most cost-effective forms of metal roofing available. They are being more commonly used in roofing structures than ever before! The large, broader metal panels allow for much less oil canning. A wavy look in metal roofing applications depends on how the sun hits the metal, affecting the aesthetics, not the performance. The lack of required seaming means that even you can maintain the roof yourself for years to come. Our professional roofing contractors will be there to support you when you and your roof need us most! 
If you're looking for a Tough Rib metal roofing system, give us a call today – we're more than happy to help! 

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Comparing the Two Metal Roofing Systems.

The first and most crucial distinction is the price – a Standing Seam system is slightly more costly than a Tough Rib exposed fastener system. Both of these systems are designed to last for many years. However, if cost is a concern, the more affordable option is the Exposed Fastener system.
When we look at exposed fastener systems, imagine if someone were to punch 1000 holes inside of your roof. Our certified installers in Medicine Hat have been expertly trained to ensure the highest level of security in our fasteners installation process. However, ongoing UV exposure will wear down the durability of the rubber seams, and they will need to be replaced with a standing seam roofing system that requires, on average, 80% less maintenance.
Exposed fastener systems can be an issue for manufacturer warranty claims. There are many penetrations within the face of these roofing materials, making it difficult for them to offer a warranty on exposed metal roofs. There are limited manufacturers warranty options for exposed fastener roofing products in today's market, but we back all our labour with additional warranty options.
Low slope application is also not recommended with a metal roofing system, but it can be accomplished. Pooling water can aggressively degrade your roofing system over time. If you're considering a low-slope roofing application, check out our flat top and low slope applications today!