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Low Slope Roofing.

Our company specializes in low slope, standard slope and steeply sloped roofing and are one of the most dominant providers of this type of service within our industry! Our decision to get serious about entering Medicine Hat's market helped us grow tremendously faster than any other competitor.
Our low-slope roofing services come in many forms. They are designed to meet the needs of various roofs, and they all depend on what you're looking for - our craftsmanship is top-notch! Our low slope roofing solutions come with various options like small slope or flat tops that suit your personal need.

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What is Low SlopeRoofing?

Low slope roofing is an innovative roofing systems for a range of roof pitches. This system can be used to cover either homes or commercial buildings, with upfront costs that depend on the slope and pitch of your property.
If you want to ensure your roofing needs are being met each and every time because of the most valuable asset in your life-your home, then contact our residential low-slope roofing specialists for information about how we can help.
We offer complete and comprehensive services to ensure you have a top-notch roof installation. Not only do we provide expert advice in the areas of design, repair and re-shingling your roof, but also our adhesives are made sterile for long-lasting strength! Call or book a free quote today to tackle your home's roofing needs with us!

What Makes our Low Slope Roofing Solution Different.

The primary difference is that we have experience in many residential and commercial roofing applications. That's why the customer can be sure that our advice will best serve their needs and their low-sloping roof.
In most cases, if you're inside different neighbourhoods, the right roof solution will be completely different. For us, at LPW Roofing, we believe that taking a look at your roof on-site is the essential first step. We use technology to map roofs from above and come down to yours for an inspection before any repairs are done.
We feel like much of the information is missed if we rely on Google maps for our roof inspections. We know that investing in on-site inspections of the roof ourselves will help us to understand better what it needs, but it's worth it for us to offer our customers informed estimates.
First, we want to ensure you're getting the most accurate quote for your roofing installation. An accurate quote can be tricky when the project is a low-slope application, and if it is done without an in-person inspection at your house site. A typical tactic employed by many other companies is bidding up their initial estimate to later "cut" or reduce costs on roofs with more significant issues, that isn't our style. If we suspect you may need a more extensive roof replacement than initially estimated, then we'll communicate it from start to finish - no surprise charges!

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Low Slope Roofing Maintenance Program.

One of The leading causes of low slope roof damage is incorrect installation. Ensure your roofing contractor is qualified to install a low-slope roof. Be careful of foot traffic on your roof. Haphazard or overly-frequent traffic on a roof can easily lead to damage. Ponding water is the accumulation of water on your roof that doesn’t evaporate within 48 hours after appearing. This excess water can deteriorate your low slope roof quicker than average due to algae formation or more intense UV rays. UV rays and many other factors can break down your low slope roofing membrane and cause cracking. Another common cause of cracking in your low slope roof is excess weight. No matter the reason, cracking can lead to more severe issues in the future.Low slope roofing maintenance services includes taking care of blistering. Blistering occurs when a liquid becomes trapped between membrane plies. The trapped liquid causes the vapour to expand as temperatures increase and can cause harm to the integrity of your low slope roof if it is not maintained correctly. Regular inspections and repairs of fasteners are another vital part of roof maintenance. Loose fasteners will not anchor your roof to your building as they are intended to do. An experienced and adept roofing contractor knows what type of fasteners best suit your roofing system. Excess snow will not slide off a low-slope roof as quickly as it does on a moderate or steep-sloped roof. It will overload your roof and potentially cause a collapse, or the snowmelt can cause ponding when the roof isn’t draining correctly. Proper low slope roof care also includes calling your roofing contractor at the first sign of leaks or other damage.