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Your Roof, Your Insurance. What to Do Next.

We know that insurance claims can be hard to understand. You may not be aware of the insurance claim process, you may just be finding out you can make a homeowners insurance claim for your roof, but you may not have had the best experience with insurance replacements.
We have talked to hundreds of customers in Medicine Hat, and LPW Roofing & Construction is here to help you. We've been expertly trained to assist you with your homeowner's insurance claim process to make this process as easy for you as possible. We have a track record for getting the most bang for your insurance buck.
Go with the roofing contractor that knows all of the little details of insurance roofing replacements, and give us a call today to have us review your claim free of charge.

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Where Are You in the Claims Process?

It's always good to figure out where you are in the claims process. There are usually are four stages:
1. I haven't filed a claim, or didn't know you could file a claim or are thinking about filing a claim:It is crucial right from the project's onset that you are working with the claims paperwork and have an excellent contingency agreement in place. Hiring one of our roofing specialists will get the most out of your insurance claim.
2. If you have only received a partial approval for the claims process, or I have received a partial repair for the claim:We will let you know now that there is a "working agreement" called a supplemental. Frequently, insurance companies will try and get away with only doing a partial repair or replacement on the roof to save the insurance company as much as possible. Give us a call, and we can ensure you're getting the most for your hard-earned money.
3. Your insurance claim has been denied:You only have one chance to get a re-inspection done for your roof. Make sure one of our roofing restoration experts is on-site with your insurance adjuster to ensure you're getting the most out of the claim process. Having an experienced professional will ensure you have the best appeal for your denied claim.
4. You have full insurance approval for your roof:It's essential to make sure your roofing contractor replaces the entire scope of loss. We will happily review your agreement to ensure you've gotten the most you can out of your claim, and more importantly, that the claim is being filled out to its entirety.

What Happens After Approval?

Once approved, you should hire a roofing contractor that knows precisely how to read the scope of loss. This is why insurance companies have “preferred contractors” at their disposal. Preferred contractors help save your insurance company money and ensure that your scope of the loss is meeting the insurance companies standards and expectations.
LPW Roofing & Constrauction is a company built differently than other roofing companies! Other roofing companies may not understand how to read the scope of loss or replace everything that goes into one. Most importantly, if the roofing company you call does not replace the roof to the specifications, you may fail your roofing inspection, which allows your insurance company off the hook for any future insurance claims.

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Roof Insurance Claim Process.

Want to know the process behind your roofing insurance claim? Check it out – we’ve got the answer!


Contact Your Insurance Company

It's best to have us help you through this process. Ensuring you're making an accurate claim is essential, having someone there to meet with your adjuster is vital to the claims process.  


Complete Emergency Repairs

When making your claim, let your insurance company know of any damages that may be causing leaking inside your home so that all roof repairs will be completed as soon as possible.


Adjuster Meeting

Confirming damages with your home adjuster is essential! An insurance replacement installer working with your adjuster can make the claims process faster and smoother, so you, the homeowner and the insurance company can reach an agreement immediately. 


Confirm the Estimate

We will review the scope of loss with you to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck through your policy. We can also help ensure the adjuster has not missed anything in the claims process. LPW Roofing will do our best to ensure our professional contractors will complete your roof repairs or replacement quickly and effectively! 


Complete the Repairs

We will complete the established repairs with the scope of loss provided by your insurance company. Completing, line by line, everything that goes into that list to make sure you're 100% looked after! 


Ensure Any Supplements are Completed

Sometimes adjusters miss what is underneath your roof. Extra layers of shingles, rotten wood, or additional flashing and soft metal replacements are needed to ensure the roof remains insured for years to come. They are insurance adjusters, not professional roofers, after all. We will take care of all of this for you, ensuring you have a stress-free experience! 


Sign Off

We will sign off on any repairs, make sure all cheques from the insurance company are collected, review the warranty information with you about your roof, and will ensure you move forward with the best roof you could have asked for!