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Flat Top Roofing in Coutts.

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Flat Top Roofing.

It's no surprise that LPW Roofing has become the flat top roofing provider of choice for many communities in Coutts. We started as a humble business with humble beginnings and worked ourselves up to being one of Canada's most dominant players in the industry.
While there are other flattop roofing companies out there, we're the best at what we do. We have trained many of our workers in the Coutts area and constantly look for new and innovative techniques to help make us better at what we do!
Not only do our shingles pass our quality assurance inspection on every single roof, but we're so confident in the product that we can back it up with a durability warranty of 10 years. Our crews are always ready to get your new roof installed today, we match our enthusiasm with our quality and speed.


What is Flat TopRoofing?

There are a few different roofing systems on the market, and the benefits of a flat top roof set it apart from other roofing systems. Not only does this system hold up against moisture, rain, snow, and the elements - there is also dual-layer protection from the manufacturer warrantying their product. As well as being backed by our ten-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about your roof anytime soon!
LPW Roofing uses the most commonly installed roofing materials in North America. If you are looking to upgrade your property or have a roofing project that needs high-quality and expert advice, we encourage you to contact us today!

What Makes our Flat Top Roofing Different.

LPW Roofing is one of the most experienced roofing companies in Coutts. We know how to install flat top roofing systems on just about every roof. There are many different types of flat-top roof types and angles for all kinds of roofs, and our long-term staff has encountered just about every single one!
It isn't very often we look at something and think, "Oh wow, that's new," because it means LPW Roofing knows what we're doing regarding roofing projects. In combination with a comprehensive quality assurance roofing checklist and our excellent 10-year warranty. We are confident in our abilities to solve all of your roofing needs!


Flat Top Roofing Maintenance.

A flat roof isn't a level surface. It is slightly sloped to prevent being clogged by water. It is still prone to severe damage over time if not well maintained. There are a few problems that are common with vinyl flat roofs.Pooling of water usually happens when the roof slope is not steep enough. It can also occur if the roof begins to sag or a block in the drainage system.Shrinkage can occur with flat roofs as well. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, also known as EPDM, is a durable synthetic rubber used as a protective membrane for roofs. Although it is tough, EPDM sometimes shrinks on occasion. Shrinking will affect its waterproofing ability and can lead to moisture sometimes getting underneath the layers. Moisture getting trapped between the roof and protective membrane can be a common problem of flat roofs that can lead to blistering and cracking. Discoloured areas on your roof can indicate blisters or shrinkage that might eventually lead to leakage in the roof.Homeowners and commercial builders often put air conditioning units on their roofs, but the installation and the attendant vibration can cause wear and tear on all roof types that eventually can cause leaks. Inspecting your flat roof is an essential part of regular roof maintenance. If you have a concern about leaks in your roof or if you find a ceiling leak, the roof is likely damaged and may need to be replaced or repaired by a roofing contractor.

The roof is the most exposed part of a house or building and can become cluttered with leaves, twigs, soot and dirt. Ensure that you sweep these away and dispose of them to prevent drains from becoming clogged. We recommend regular professional roof inspection from experienced roofing contractors.The average flat roof can last for many decades if maintained properly. You can ensure your roof is well maintained by having our professionals inspect it twice a year. Inspections help you keep track of and fix damages before they become more prominent and costlier problems. Remove gutter debris regularly to prevent drains from being blocked and allow water to flow freely off the roof after heavy rain or snow. Trim overhanging branches and twigs of trees surrounding your house or building to prevent clogs of your drain system. Check all ceilings of rooms located immediately below your roof. If you notice dampness or any of the aforementioned issues, call our professionals immediately, and we would be happy to help. 
Ask us today about adding this comprehensive roofing inspection to your roofing solution!