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Roof Repairs.

Many roofing companies in Medicine Hat charge a fee to have someone show up on-site. These fees can usually range from $100-$250. We think that’s unrealistic, especially if the company has yet to assess if they can complete the repair or provide an estimate.
The significant difference with our roofing repairs is our dedicated team of experienced roofing contractors who specifically handle estimates, quotes, and replacements or repairs all day. This way, you know you’re not only getting one of the most cost practical repair jobs in the market, but you are also getting a team of professionals to complete the project to the PW Roofing standard you've come to expect from us.

Emergency Roofing Repairs
Roof Ice Damage Repair

Can my Roof Leak Be Repaired?

When the weather is active, you can't do a lot until the weather has subsided enough, so one of our experts to come and have a closer look at your roof to determine what's going on! Tarping off the affected areas is the first crucial step. The next step is giving LPW Roofing and Construction a call. We are Medicine Hat's roofing experts, and we are dedicated to helping you with all of your roofing needs. Whether a minor repair or a full-scale replacement, we're more than happy to help!
LPW Roofing is willing to assess and provide free estimates any time of the year, and in any weather conditions – rain, snow, or shine! We are here to help, and the estimate is always free of charge!

When is it time to Repair my Roof? When Should it be Replaced?

There are many indicators that it is time to replace your roof instead of simply going for a repair! How can you know – let’s help you:
● A droopy sagging roof shows complete and total structural damage to the interior of the roof itself. Which means it’s not just a shingle replacement, it means you’re also going to need extensive interior replacement as well!
● Unwanted houseplants – you guess it, plant seeds blow everywhere and, having them grow on your roof is no exception. If you’re starting to notice a significant amount of moss, weeds, or perhaps even an uninvited tree – it’s time to look into replacement of your roof.
● Significant shingle shedding – a really good indication of needing a new roof is watching out for significant shingle shedding after a number of years. This means the sealant that holds the granules on your shingles together had deteriorated to a point where it no longer waterproofing your roof.
When is it advised to wait a little longer? Don’t automatically assume that because a few shingles have blown off you need to replace your entire roof. If your roof is less than 15-20 years old and a few shingles have come loose, just give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help and chances are you’re going to save yourself thousands of dollars in roof costs.

Roof Leak Repair Medicine Hat

Can I Fix the Roof Myself?

You can repair whatever you feel equipped to do, but should you? Repairing a roof can be hazardous. Roofing can be one of the most dangerous occupations, and there is good reason for that. Complex steep roofs, improper footwear and a lack of safety gear are the leading causes.
If you plan on attempting repairs yourself, you will need some materials:
● A rope and a harness● Straight blades and hook blade for cutting shingles● Catclaw and pry bars for loosening nails● Shingles to repair the roof● A ladder● Nails and a hammer or nail gun to put the roof back into place ● Heat welder if you’re fixing a flat top/ TPO/ Vinyl System● Torch welder if you’re repairing an SBS or rubber system● Tar or other chemical sealants
Before you’ve even gotten on the roof, you’re a couple of thousand dollars in the hole. For minor roofing repairs, you’ll be spending far less than you trying to do it yourself, and our professionals will complete the work.

Our professional roofers have the training, certification, and are insured to ensure that we offer you the best, many homeowners don't have OSHA training to handle their own roofs. We offer experienced contractors with:● WHMIS Online Certification● Fall Protection Certification● Elevating Work Platform Training● And a variety of Roofing Construction Industry training & certifications
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