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Fascia Repairs & Installations.

The fascia board is the long horizontal boards behind the eavestrough gutters on properties. Often fascia boards are made of tin, aluminum, wood, and other materials. Fascia connects to the roof rafters, closes off the attic and serves as the mount for gutters. The term "fascia" comes from Latin, meaning "bandage." In architecture, home builders initially used it to refer to an architectural band that served as moulding or trimming around openings such as windows or doors. Still, it later came into use in construction terminology when it referred primarily to any piece of material sloping upward from one surface at right angles with another surface (as opposed to not only to straight vertical surfaces).
Fascia boards are designed to protect from the damage that may occur on a home's exterior, such as leaks or holes in the siding of your house. Still, they can also be used for decorative purposes like adding an accent colour to match other parts of your home's design scheme. We off fascia repairs, replacement and installation services in Medicine Hat and often find when fascia boards need attention, so do soffits.

Roof Fascia Board Repairs Medicine Hat