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Exterior Cladding Services.

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Cladding Repairs & Installations.

Exterior cladding (side paneling) is much more than just aesthetics. It helps protect the building from outside elements, especially during construction and through its lifetime as it ages. Cladding also significantly impacts how long the structure will need to be maintained-how. They often have to replace it or redo something because of structural decay that cladding caused in the first place. ● Stainless Steel Cladding● Fibre Cement Cladding● Brick Cladding● Wooden Cladding● Stone Cladding● Vinyl Cladding● Aluminum Cladding
Exterior claddings provide numerous functional benefits, so if your roof is leaking, your cladding can be the issue. The roofing contractors at LPW Roofing in Medicine Hat have the skills and experience to diagnose, repair, and replace exterior cladding. We take your home seriously so that the exterior functions to protect your most significant investment and add an aesthetic appeal.

Exterior Cladding Alberta